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The studio is also a great tool for practice. Just load up any audio file onto a track, and you can adjust the playback speed without affecting pitch, to help transcribe or woodshed even the trickiest solos. You can even record yourself playing along to listen back later!

Start your historical journey here with the deluxe bundle designed to give you all that you need for the most comprehensive Age of Empires II experience! Includes Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition plus three add-ons including Lords of the West, Dawn of the Dukes, and Dynasties of India.

The only other hotel in the development is called Forest City Golf Hotel. I spent three nights in a deluxe suite there, and unlike the rest of Forest City, it was bustling with people, mostly golf enthusiasts from around the region.

Originally a member of the Autobots' science team, Arcee never stood out as being the "soldier" type until the war broke out. Though small compared to many of her peers and adversaries, she compensates with speed and aggressive maneuvers. Quickly developing hunter skills to be reckoned with, Arcee became one of the most dangerous Autobots around.[1] She is a crack shot with her crossbow weapon, and Sideswipe has trained her to use her speed to her advantage in battle, striking suddenly and swiftly and then vanishing away again as fast as she appeared.

Following the Autobots' victory in Mission City, which culminated in the death of Megatron and the destruction of the AllSpark on Earth, Arcee was in command of an Autobot assault team on Mars and led Cliffjumper and others in an attack on Starscream's ship. The Reign of Starscream #2 While her team made short work of the Swindle, Dreadwing, and Payload drones the Decepticons sent against them, Arcee killed the Decepticon sniper Hardtop before he could take out Smokescreen. Her teammates were unprepared for the arrival of Thundercracker, however, and he quickly slew Camshaft and wounded Cliffjumper. Remembering her failure at Tyger Pax, Arcee leapt into action, and soon she and Cliffjumper had Thundercracker at their mercy. The arrival of Starscream changed that, as he killed Smokescreen and Air Raid and badly damaged Cliffjumper. As she attempted to pull the last surviving member of her team to safety, Arcee was kicked aside by Starscream. The Reign of Starscream #3

MPC Software features powerful MPC Plugin instruments like Mellotron, Hype, and Solina, alongside world-class Insert Effects like AIR Stutter and Half Speed, including cutting-edge pitch processing in the AIR Vocal Suite, and much more. Advanced MIDI Multi capability transforms MPC into the ultimate MIDI sequencing studio centerpiece. Simultaneously connect and route all the MIDI gear in your studio including class-compliant USB Keyboards, MIDI interfaces, and USB to CV modules to supercharge your I/O connectivity. Combine this with deep internal MIDI routing capability across tracks, comprehensive MIDI routing to any MIDI compatible synthesizer, drum machine, or sound module, along with multitrack recording and MPC becomes the heartbeat of any production setup. Unleash the true power of your music production setup with MPC 2 software.

Even great artists stumble on occasion. Arguably America's best living filmmaker, Martin Scorsese had grand ambitions for his historical epic 'Gangs of New York'. Long fascinated by organized (and disorganized) crime and its roots in American culture, the director claims to have been planning an adaptation of Herbert Asbury's 1928 non-fiction book on-and-off since stumbling across it in early 1970. The material, an account of gang violence and political corruption in Civil War-era New York City, certainly seems right up his alley. Afforded a mammoth budget approaching $100 million (his largest at the time) and free reign to recreate 19th Century New York on the famed Cinecittà studio lot in Rome, the project was finally green-lit for release in 2002. The resulting film tells a sprawling narrative on a sweeping scale, with stunning production values and an A-List cast. It's also something of a huge mess.

When Buena Vista Home Entertainment first released 'Gangs on New York' on Blu-ray in mid-2008, the results were frankly terrible. The studio recycled an old video master that looked pretty awful when it first appeared on DVD back in 2003. High-definition encoding just brought out all the flaws even more.

The mix has nice bass thump and impact, especially the pounding cannon fire during the climax. Sound effects such as clanging knives and other metallic weapons are sharply recorded, and gun shots have a satisfying crack. Dialogue is always clear and intelligible, and even shifts directionally across the front soundstage from time to time (rare in modern movies). Surround usage is only moderately aggressive, but decidedly picks up during the Battle of Five Points and Draft Riot sequences. The soundtrack exhibits pleasing spaciousness and fidelity in both quiet and loud scenes alike.

Unfortunately, the studio has not opted to offer an exchange program for owners of the prior Blu-ray, as Sony Pictures was nice enough to do after it fixed its 'Fifth Element' disaster. And the $39.99 MSRP on this catalog title is pretty galling, to say the least. Apparently, Buena Vista expects fans to pay top dollar to rebuy a new copy of the movie that it screwed up the first time around. The studio has quite a few things to learn about customer service and generating good will among its target audience.

In an interview with IGN, co-founder John Carmack stated that he plans to do a sequel to RAGE after Doom (2016) ships. "We're about to roll the whole core tech team over to Doom", Carmack said, when asked what lessons the studio learned from developing RAGE. "After Rage certifies, the heavily-lifting code team will be migrating over to do new systems [for the Doom team]."

In an interview published on August 9th, 2016, vice president of Bethesda Softworks Pete Hines commented on the possibility of a sequel to both RAGE and The Evil Within. When asked about a potential RAGE 2, Hines said, "I do think both The Evil Within and Rage did well enough that we could make sequels". However, Hines also stated that the studio has a lot of games in their pipeline, so whether or not we'll be seeing RAGE 2 come to fruition is yet to be seen.

RAGE 2 was pitched to Avalanche Studios by id Software. Avalanche had a free team available, and the two companies began working together. Avalanche is handling the majority of development, while Id provides combat, story, and art support. From the outset, Avalanche wanted to inject color into the game, to distinguish it from the "super brown" games that both studios had previously put out. An inspiration for the game came from 80s and 90s comic books. At the time, in Europe, a lot of post-apocalyptic comics in this period had a heavy use of color, which provided inspiration for the game's art design.[3]


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