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Priebus To FBI Director: €?Get Back To Work’ On Clinton |

SILVER: I mean, look, it is true that Democrats have a larger base, and so if Clinton gets her voters to turn out and the weakest part of that might be African-Americans who turned out in very big numbers for President Obama four ago and eight years ago, maybe millennial voters. If they turn out in big numbers, and there are better signs for Democrats in states like Florida and North Carolina recently, then she's in a pretty safe position. If they don't, though, and if there is a big white working class vote for Trump, if you see some suburban Republicans convert back to Trump at the last minute because he's been relatively quiet on the campaign trail, that's a case in which he could lose potentially.

Priebus to FBI director: ‘Get back to work’ on Clinton |

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Sessions has said the attacks were "kind of hurtful" but given no indication that he plans to resign. And he has reportedly been working on getting back in Trump's good graces by pursuing leakers more aggressively, something that Trump indicated in a press conference Wednesday was another point of friction between them.

MR. SPICER: Hey, guys. You saw the President signed an executive order today, another important step towards eliminating job-crushing regulations and keeping the government agencies accountable by getting America back to work, just as he promised to do. This afternoon, he's meeting with Governor Kasich. The President of Peru, as I mentioned yesterday, will be swinging by. Over the weekend, the President is going to be continuing to work on his joint address. He's hosting a dinner in the State Dining Room of our nation's governors. And the First Lady has a bunch of activities planned. There's a ball Sunday night that the First Lady is hosting for the governors and their spouses.


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