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Muku No Ki No Hanashi Episode 1

The anime series' first episode garnered poor reviews from Anime News Network's staff during the Winter 2019 season previews. Paul Jensen commended the production for having strong animation and delivering on some decent humor but felt wary of the script's unsavory content being given those highlights. Theron Martin saw the technical aspects as "run-of-the-mill" by Doga Kobo's standards and felt some trepidation in the premise toeing the line between innocent and creepy in its presentation, concluding that there's mild entertainment to be found but will not be for everyone. Despite finding a few laughs, Rebecca Silverman was immediately disgusted over Miyako's infatuation with Hana and the uncomfortable vibe it gives off, concluding that it will only cater to "a very specific niche audience" beyond the typical all-girl slice-of-life fanbase. Nick Creamer criticized the first half for framing Miyako's attraction like a "shoujo romance" with a predatory-like gaze but gave credit to the second half for showing Hana's viewpoint of the situation and coupling it with fluid animation, expressive character designs and snappy comedic delivery, concluding that "WATATEN! is a reasonably executed premiere, but I'll be happier if Doga Kobo gets through this "profoundly predatory romance" phase."[29]

Muku no Ki no Hanashi Episode 1



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