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Dororo Episode 17

  • Episode 3 Jukai's backstory was revealed in this episode. Even worse when we see Jukai's soul from Hyakkimaru's perspective. Souls tainted with evil and sin have flecks of red in them, but Jukai's is pure. He has atoned, but nobody, not even himself, believes that he has or even could.

Dororo Episode 17

  • Episode 15 After Hyakkimaru gets his spine back, he along with Dororo sees the entire village destroyed and many inhabitants killed. Dororo isn't sure anymore that what they're doing is right after he'd killed the demon that gave them food and protection in exchange of feeding outsiders to Maimai-onba's children. It becomes worse knowing the one who burned the temple and killed the nun and children was Sabame and the other villagers.

  • At the end of episode, Dororo refuses to travel with Hyyakkimaru anymore because Dororo realizes he only cares about killing demons and getting back his stolen body parts back than the safety of others. This is also the result of getting captured by Itachi and his men without Hyakkimaru knowing and he won't be there to save her.

  • Episode 23 Tahomaru grieving over Mutsu and Hyogo after Midoro kills them.

  • Everyone in the villages including Nui and Biwamaru, thinks it better off with the demons take Hyakkimaru's body parts back to restore their land again. At the end of the episode, Dororo decides the demons should take back Hyakkimaru's limbs to restore the land of Daigo since he doesn't want to lose his brother figure, Hyakkimaru turning into a demon.

  • The foal mourning its mother's second death; the mare died a gruesome death in an earlier episode but came back as a youkai.



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