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The Ultimate Guide to Installing and Using Casmate Pro 652 on Windows 7

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Casmate Pro 652 Windows 7


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if you are still unable to open a scv file, try to rename the scv file to a different extension. try to open the scv file from an application other than casmate, like notepad to see if the file is corrupt or if the file is not actually a scv file. check the file extension to see if there is a different extension for scv files. if you are not sure what extension the file has, you can use the windows explorer to view the file's properties. if the extension is.scv, then you know that the file is a scv file.sys, then you can assume that the file is a sys file.

after you have installed casmate, unzip the scv file to the drive where the program resides. if casmate fails to function after you unzip the file, then check the readme file included with the zip file. if there is a problem with the file, then rename the file to have a different extension, and attempt to open the file again. if you are still not able to open the file, contact the support group of the software's manufacturer.


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