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Airbus A320 CBT 64 Bitl Extra Quality

of course, ive got a computer, and as we said in the video, its very important to have one. the sticks drivers provide full throttle response, meaning you can overdrive without any fear of overtaking the stick. the same applies for reversing the stick. the buttons also function as expected, with no real issue with pressing one button while another is held down. while the sticks feel good in your hands, the fact that they are slightly loose means that you can move them a little bit. a little. but its ok, because it doesnt budge much when pressed. it also doesnt go click, so its noiseless.

Airbus A320 CBT 64 Bitl

the graphics are basic, but its not too bad. a few of the gauges and switches are also slightly transparent, which can be annoying. when it comes to flight modes, there are only 3, and for most of us, two will be more than enough. as for training, its ok. while i was using it, i could instantly recognise the most common flight modes. the only way for me to mess up, was to accidentally pull the stick up as i was coming out of the modes youd expect. to remedy this, you can press the centre button, which will undo all the changes made. in either case, this isnt a problem. the stick is also well-balanced, and unlike the most of the cheap copies that ive seen, it doesn't feel too light.

if you are looking at this review with the idea that its going to cost more than a cheap plug in stick, you wont be too disappointed. after all, it does look fairly handsome. its a great sidestick that looks and feels like the real thing. one that you could even fit into the real airbus. it doesnt reinvent the wheel, and the fact that it is part of a larger ecosystem will give you the confidence that itll perform. weve got the full review of the thrustmaster tca sidestick and the rest of the tca kit in the video. plus, youll get a chance to check out the full list of available flight modes. its a stick that will reward you with both skill and precision. at $99.99, its also worth a look for those who want a little more than a cheap imitation.


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