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Criminal Minds Season 11 - Episode 22 REPACK

The entire main cast returned for the season, except Jennifer Love Hewitt (Kate Callahan), who left the show in the season ten finale. On June 22, 2015, it was announced that Aisha Tyler (coincidentally Hewitt's co-star during Season 1 of Ghost Whisperer) would replace Hewitt in a recurring role as Dr. Tara Lewis, a psychologist with an eye on forensic psychology and its application toward the criminal justice system.[3]

Criminal Minds Season 11 - Episode 22


Jennifer Love Hewitt left the show because of her pregnancy, and her character Kate Callahan, handed in her resignation at the end of the season ten finale, due to her pregnancy and decision to devote the next year to her baby. It was announced that Aisha Tyler would replace Hewitt in a recurring role as Dr. Tara Lewis.[3] A.J. Cook revealed herself to be pregnant, and it was later revealed in the tenth-season finale that her character Jennifer "JJ" Jareau was also pregnant. She did not appear in the first six episodes (except the season premiere).[4] Showrunner Erica Messer expressed her desire about bringing back old characters from previous seasons, including Spencer Reid's mother played by Jane Lynch.[5] Cook appeared in the first episode "The Job" holding her sleeping baby Michael, played by Phoenix Andersen, her child in real life.[6]

Matthew Gray Gubler directed episode 18, "A Beautiful Disaster", in which Shemar Moore left the main cast (Moore went on to star as Hondo Harrelson in the CBS remake of SWAT). On February 10, 2016, it was announced that Paget Brewster would return as Emily Prentiss for one episode later in season 11 episode 19, titled "Tribute".[7][8] The season ended on May 4, 2016, with the show's first cliffhanger finale since the fifth season. Messer said she felt it was time for another cliffhanger and thought that it served as a "really fun launch pad" into the twelfth season, which was officially ordered two days later.[9][10]

A. J. Cook announced her pregnancy, a fact that was carried over to her character Jennifer "JJ" Jareau as well. Showrunner Erica Messer stated in an interview that Cook's character JJ would not appear for the first five episodes of the season as Cook was on maternity leave. Messer continued talking about a guest star to replace Cook during her absence from the show as she said, "My hope is we could have a fun guest star when A.J.'s on maternity leave. It will be different because JJ won't be there. There is no replacing her as we know, but there's an opportunity there to have fun for a few episodes."[4]

Aisha Tyler joined the cast in the wake of Hewitt's exit, and played a recurring role as Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psychologist who always wanted to study psychopaths up close, to understand the human being behind the evil acts. Her previous job was to interview serial killers and determine whether they were fit to stand trial.[3] It was announced that Tim Kang would guest-star on the show in the second episode of the season, "The Witness".[11] while Marisol Nichols is set to make an appearance.[12] It was announced on August 5, 2015, that an alum from Glee, Ashley Fink, would guest star in the third episode of the season, "'Til Death Do Us Part". Amber Stevens returned as Rossi's daughter, Joy Struthers, in episode seven, "Target Rich".[13] Aubrey Plaza also had a guest role in episode eleven, "Entropy".[14]

In its 14-year history, prime-time drama "Criminal Minds" has created over 250 episodes about serial murderers, kidnappings, and other crimes worthy of FBI investigations. Although many of the show's storylines are fictional, some of the bad guys seem to mirror real-life criminals like Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez.

In season one, episode eight, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) hunts down Vincent Perotta. The fictional Perotta was a gangster and hitman that came from an abusive background and used gruesome methods of killing his victims, including one unlucky victim that was eaten alive by rats.

The season two, episode eight "Criminal Minds" episode "Empty Planet" is about a serial bomber who hates technology. In the episode, the fictional killer uses a pipe bomb to blow up a bus in Seattle, Washington. The FBI agents later determine the unnamed man targets specific people in the academic world.

"Empty Planet" wasn't the only episode that seemed to allude to the Unabomber. In "A Thousand Suns" (season 10, episode three) the team hunts down a mathematical genius that lives in the middle of nowhere and turns towards radical terrorism to protest society.

The case on season 11, episode 14 of "Criminal Minds" seems to have a lot of similarities to that of Ariel Castro's, also known as The Monster of Cleveland. In this episode, a young woman escapes from a home in which she's been held captive for years. Along with two other women, she was abused and raped by the fictional abductor, Michael Clark Thompson.

In this episode, the criminal expertly recreates the Zodiac Killer's crimes and attempts to convince the team that he is the real Zodiac Killer. He follows the Zodiac Killer's trademarks such as sending strange public letters filled with threats, making abhorrent demands, and consistently teasing his identity. In the episode, the man is ultimately proven to be nothing more than a murderous fraud.

  • Tropes in this episode Big Damn Heroes: Hotch and a SWAT team arrive in the nick of time to save Lewis from being killed by the rioting prisoners, and then to save JJ and Reid moments later.

  • The Bus Came Back: We haven't seen Ennis since Tara quit her job as his prison psychologist to work full-time with the BAU. She runs into him again in the top security wing of the high security prison.

  • Clear My Name: Hotch has to convince the DOJ that he's innocent while figuring out what is actually going on. The rest of the team also works on that goal.

  • *Click* Hello: One of the prisoners tries to tunnel his way out, only to be met with a thicket of guns when he breaks through the wall.David Rossi: Evening.

  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends on the announcement that 13 serial killers escaped prison.

  • Continuity Nod: Garcia mentions the time she was in London in season seven.

  • Hotch's boss brings up events such as Haley's death and when Rossi killed Gideon's killer.

  • Continuity Snarl: In the Fisher King arc, Diana made a huge deal of being afraid of flying. In this episode, Reid tells Tara that his mother is not afraid of flying, but she's terrified of cruise ships. However, it's quite possible that Diana did overcome her fear of flying sometime after "The Fisher King".

  • Dressing as the Enemy: The inmates dress as prison guards and SWAT members during the prison break to get the jump on law enforcement.

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Antonia Slade clearly cares for her adult autistic son, and willingly co-operates with the BAU to ensure her son won't be killed when they catch him.

  • For the Evulz: According to Hotch, Eric Rawdon, the mastermind behind the plot to frame him, has no ideological or political motivation for wanting to detonate a bomb in a major metropolitan area: he just wants to see a city burn.

  • Great Escape: Hotch's framing is just a distraction, the actual Evil Plan is a huge prison break.

  • Hauled Before a Senate Subcommittee: Hotch threatens the Department of Justice interrogator holding him with one of these for allowing a major terrorist incident to take place on American soil unless they release him to thwart it.Aaron Hotchner: Ask yourself one question: am I more helpful here mentally preparing a report to the subcommittee that's gonna haul you in, or out there catching Rawdon?

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: One of the rioters disguised as a SWAT officer is about to throw a flashbang grenade to deal with JJ and Reid when Hotch shoots him in the arm, causing him to drop the grenade. Hotch manages to shout a warning and the law enforcement officers take cover: the prisoners are completely blindsided by the blast and disarmed before they can recover.

  • Honorary Uncle: JJ's son Henry greets Reid as 'Uncle Spencer'.

  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Ennis and the other serial killers menacing Lewis quickly surrender when Hotch and a squad of armed cops bust in and start shooting.

  • Mama Bear: JJ is in this mode after her kids were caught up in Hotch's arrest. Her anger is enough that even Antonia Slade realises not to push her luck too far.J.J: I'm not making any promises. Not after your son's actions had armed police pointing a gun at my son!

  • Manchild: Reid points out that Asher is "a bit old" for a SWATer. Turns out the man has a developmental disorder, which explains why in his mid-forties he plays pranks on FBI agents.

  • Discussed when the team talks about autistics, and Reid mentions that some of them will do criminal things because "they know there's power in it", without deriving any pleasure from the crime itself.

  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The entire BAU's reaction to finding out 13 serial killers, including Mr. Scratch, have broken out of prison.

  • New Old Flame: Rossi is back together with his ex-wife Hayden, his daughter Joy's mother.

  • Oh, Crap!: Antonia Slade when she realises a pissed off JJ isn't bluffing about threatening to kill her autistic son if he resists arrest.

  • One of the SWAT cops trying to retake the prison has this reaction when he notices a "warden" who was being held hostage has a white supremacist tattoo.

  • SWAT Captain: It's a setup! Stage Magic: Reid entertains JJ and Hotch's kids with card tricks.

  • Stuff Blowing Up: A helicopter is blown up by shooting it repeatedly. It helps there was a military grade explosive device on board it for a planned terrorist attack.

  • Villainous Breakdown: Rawdon goes berserk when Hotch quickly figures out where the bomb for his planned terrorist attack is being kept.

  • What Have We Ear?: Reid pulls a card out of Henry's ear, and an improbably long scarf out of Garcia's.

  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: Hotch's reaction to realising the Department of Justice are holding him based on testimony from Peter Lewis (aka Mr. Scratch).



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