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Owk Slave Training Program

Knowing that there would be some Jedi who could survive his planned beginning of a Great Jedi Purge through Order 66, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious began to lay the seeds of the Inquisitorious Program years before he became Galactic Emperor.[11] During the Clone Wars, he contracted the bounty hunter Cad Bane to kidnap several Force-sensitive children who would become Jedi younglings in the near future. At his private facility on Mustafar, the Dark Lord intended to put the children through a slave conditioning process, having foreseen he would have "an army" of Force-sensitive spies at his beck and call. Nevertheless, Darth Sidious' operation was prevented by the interference of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who rescued the children and escaped the ruined crashing base with them. Despite this setback,[10] the Dark Lord simply established more facilities and altered more nanny droids, ensuring the continuation of his plan to use Mustafar to turn infants to his cause.[12]

owk slave training program

Many Imperial Inquisitors had joined the dark side due to intensive torture[5] or corruption.[15] Upon joining the ranks of the Inquisitorious, the Force-sensitives effectively lost their identities; they were given numerical designations to represent their entry into an organization that perverted everything the Jedi Order had had stood for.[11] A Pau'an Jedi Temple Guard, who became "the Grand Inquisitor,"[16] had joined Emperor Sidious when the Dark Lord had promised him access to the Jedi Archives.[11] The Ninth Sister was the former Jedi Masana Tide. The Tenth Brother was the former Jedi Master Prosset Dibs,[17] who had become suborned to the Sith at the end of the Clone Wars.[11] The Second Sister was former Jedi Padawan Trilla Suduri, who was captured shortly after Order 66 and tortured into giving into the dark side.[5] Darth Vader soon discovered the program and was put in charge of them by Darth Sidious. The Commander-in-Chief trained the Inquisitors in the ways of the dark side of the Force. As part of their tutelage, a number of Inquisitors had parts of their bodies severed by their master's lightsaber so that they would not forget the lesson of loss. After Lord Vader cut off Sixth Brother's left lower arm, the Grand Inquisitor began questioning his new master's training techniques. The cyborg claimed that he was intending to have the dark side adepts to abandon their tendency to fight defensively as former Jedi and adopt more offensive moves.[7]

Shortly after the mission to Mon Cala, the Sixth Brother was searching for a possibly Force-sensitive child on Thabeska. However, he later abandoned this task after receiving word that a Force-attuned being who received some level of Jedi training was hiding in the Outer Rim, and set out to hunt the individual in question, hoping to earn a promotion. The supposed Jedi was in fact former Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who had been hiding on Thabeska and the agricultural moon of Raada since Order 66 and the siege of Mandalore. She had since built up a resistance group on Raada. After a failed assault on the nearby Imperial Base, Ahsoka returned to Thabeska. When Hedala Fardi, the Force-sensitive child, told Ahsoka of "a shadow" that had come, the former Padawan went back to Raada, where The Sixth Brother had killed the entirety of the resistance group, with only Ahsoka's friend Kaeden Larte and her sister alive.[26]

At one point, a female Inquisitor was on Dathomir when she encountered Jerserra, a Dathomirian from the Nardithi Nightsisters, a sect of the Nightsisters. She took in Jerserra as her secret apprentice and spent a number of years training her in combat and lightsaber combat. The Inquisitor hoped to use Jerserra against the other Inquisitors but Jerserra eventually came to believe her abilities outmatched her Master's, and before long, the Inquisitor was slain by Jerserra, who covered up her murder and took her lightsaber as her own.[33]

Although the Imperial Inquisition disappeared from the galaxy, its actions were still felt for decades to come. The Force-sensitive Verla, who had escaped the Imperial Inquisitors' attack on former Padawan Ferren Barr and his disciples on Mon Cala, came to fear the dark siders and fled into exile on the planet Serelia, where she became a fisherwoman. When she was sought out by the Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker[55] around 3 ABY,[56] she initially ran from the boy, believing him to be a pawn of the Inquisitorius. Later, she explained to the uneducated Skywalker that Vader and his minions had hunted down and destroyed the Jedi in the Great Purge, leaving her to believe that anyone who aspired to be a Jedi was nothing more than a fool.[55] Despite her warnings, however, Skywalker insisted on continuing the Jedi path, and on Verla's instruction traveled to Tempes in the Outer Rim, searching to replace the lightsaber he had lost in a duel with Vader.[57]

Consisting of former Jedi,[14] the Inquisitors were initially weak in the dark side of the Force and utilized a defensive fighting style. Darth Vader noticed this limitation when he began training them and sought to transform their fighting style to an only offensive one. The end result was an aggressive fighting style aimed at quickly overpowering surviving Jedi, hampering their concentration and preventing them from falling back on their Force abilities.[7] Among one of of Vader's first training sessions with the Inquisitors included teaching them loss, having expended several inquisitors of at least one of their limbs.[7][14] Overtime, the Inquisitors became among the most skilled fighters in the galaxy, though were deliberately trained to not surpass the prowess of a Sith Lord.[6]

Every two-legged race horse must undergo physically very demanding training. This is the only way for them to be able to carry his Riding Mistress on his shoulders. Madam Christine, dressed in tight-fitting white riding pants and high leather boots with spurs, really gives Her steed what-for. Comfortably seated on his shoulders, his head locked between Her thighs, legs in the stirrups, She urges him on with the riding whip until he falls from utter exhaustion. But even then the human beast isn't allowed his rest. Next comes drilling him with a small cart attached. Together with Madame Ina, demanding Christine trainees the blinded strapped to the cart until he perfectly reacts to commands from the reigns and dressage whip. Starring: Madame Christine de Lamour, Madame Ina von Sklavenstaat. Theme: HUMAN -HORSE-RACES, HUMAN -HORSE-TREATMENT, HUMAN -HORSE-RIDING (TWO LEGS HORSE), HUMAN -HORSE-CART PULLING, HUMAN -HORSE-TRAINING.

The Sublime First Hoffmistress, Madam Brigite von Harald-Blackburn with Her personal driver and servant, is arriving at the Queens' Palace to check how the works in the A,"ea of the Queens' Palace are progressing. The date of the Coronation is approaching and the slave workers and servants have still a lot to do to complete ail their tasks in time. This week Madam Catherina Maria Swenson, the Commander-in-Chief of the Queens' Guard, is the chief supervisor of the slaves. However, She Herself does not bother much with the supervision. This can be easily handled by Guardesses with long bullwhips while She Herself prefers to be comfortably seated in the feast hall with a glass of good . These pleasant moments are made still more pleasant by the palace servant, who has to polish the leather boots of his Mistress with his tongue while she is reading. When the First Hoffmistress enters the hall the Ladies agree to make a round and check the slave workers. Only then Madam von Harald Blackburn remembers that in the boat of Her car parked in the frosty weather outside a halfnaked slave worker,who was given to Her by one of Her Lady friends, is locked. She sends Her servant to the Guardess to put Her in charge of the slave and give him some work. A moment later the young Wardress kicks the half-frozen and chained slave out of the limousine and drives him on his knees to the New House. Because there is a room here that needs redecorating for Lady customers are soon to be trying on the clothes of the store called .Our Style in there. The Ladies are leaving the feast hall to get dressed in their warm fur coats. The round (or rather a drive) can start now. The Ladies at Court cannot get tired by walking in the snow, so they get seated in comfortable sleighs and are taken to the park by slaves driven by Their whips. In the place where the artificial lake is to be built a group of fifteen slave workers are digging the frozen ground. The sixteenth slave stays at the nearby fire. However, he is not warming himself up but performing as a live stool for the Wardress of the group. He does not have an easy task. The bottom of the pretty but strict Wardress is resting with its full weight on his back almost all the working hours long now in winter it is only ten hours a day). However, he cannot complain. His position is still better than the fate of those fifteen poor guys around who are driven by a long leather bullwhip whenever they take a moments rest. When the sleighs with the Ladies at Court are approaching the group the Wardress Hedwig commands to line up. The slaves have to kneel motionless in line in the snow all the time the Ladies are having a discussion with the Guardess. Then there is a whizz of the whip, the sleighs get moving and the slave workers get immediately back to their hard work. Another control stop of the Ladies is the New House. But to Their big surprise the new slave not only has not decorated the room but the lazy creature has not even touched the decorators brush! His silly excuses that he still has his hands chained behind his back are no excuses. The Ladies take off Their fur coats in the pleasantly warm New House and are dressed only in Their leather clothes and high-heeled boots. Decorating lessons are starting and the slave can see very soon that if he really wants he can decorate even with his hands chained behind his back. Especially so when the Ladies use so skillfully Their riding crops as a teaching aid. Orders come one after another and the whole drilling is humiliating and without sense. The slave has to get used to fulfilling every single order of his Mistress and if not he has rough times. After long minutes of drilling, numerous whizzing lashes as the whip and practical demonstration of decorating performed on the body and face of the slave the Ladies at Court get finally Their bit of satisfaction. They are leaving to enjoy Themselves further while the white painted slave continues in his useless effort to redecorate the room up to the ceiling. Go ahead you lazybones! The Ladies are coming back soon! Theme: WHIPPING-RIDING CROP, WORKING SLAVE-SERVANT (BUTLER), WORKING SLAVE-FIELD & GARDEN, HUMAN FURNITURE-FOOTSTOOL, BOOT WORSHIP, HUMAN FURNITURE-ASHTRAY, POSITION PUNISHMENTS-KNEELING, HUMAN FURNITURE-SOFA. Starring: Madam Catherine-Czech Republic, Madam Brigitte-Czech Republic. 350c69d7ab


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