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2k Games Nba 2k13 Psp Torrent

Unlike some sports franchises that function on a two-year cycle of big changes (such as FIFA and NHL), NBA 2K seems to fluctuate around wholesale changes every four years. NBA 2K7 was a decidedly impactful game for its time, and NBA 2K11 didn't just succeed because of Air Jordan, it also boasted a large number of huge improvements. We got our first hands-on time with 2K's new hoops game recently, and we noticed a distinct difference in NBA 2K13 (opens in new tab) compared to older games.

2k games nba 2k13 psp torrent

It feels like an elegant solution that allows more precision for dribbles than in the past. Plus, with the dribble stick mechanic, you'll be allowed more leeway and technique for moves like making attacking dribbles on defenders by snapping from a standstill to an intimidating surge into the key. There's a degree of 1-to-1 movement with the ball. As a plus, the team has implemented even more moves than in previous games, nearly by accident. Thanks to unexpected movements during motion capture, the developers have incorporated subtle on-the-court moves, like maneuvers that switch from offensive to defense on the fly.


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