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The Band Perry - If I Die Young (Official Video)

The music video, which was directed by David McClister, premiered on CMT on May 27, 2010.[10] In the video, the band is shown setting Kimberly Perry in a canoe before pushing it off into the river. Perry is holding a book containing poems by Tennyson, including "The Lady of Shalott", which the book is opened to at the end of the music video. The video echoes a scene in Anne of Green Gables in which Anne attempts to appear as the Lady of the poem. Kimberly's mother and her love interest (played by Kyle Kupecky) are shown plucking flower petals and visibly depressed that she has left them. Eventually, her canoe begins to take on water, she sits up. Once this occurs her brothers come back for her. When she gets back to her house, her mother and love interest embrace her. The video was filmed on location at Two Rivers Mansion outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout the video, the band is also shown performing with their instruments inside of the house.

The Band Perry - If I Die Young (Official Video)

'If I Die Young' was written by the 26-year old Perry, along with her two younger bandmates Reid and Neil, who, by the way, happen to be her brothers. The track appears on their 2010 self-titled debut album.

"Stop posting the pictures of her loved ones mourning her death and the "if I die young" video. Instead let's post the happy memories of her because this is how she should be remembered forever #RIPNayaRivera," Twitter user @Poppytrixx wrote, posting a video of Rivera and Demi Lovato, who had a recurring role as Santana's love interest on season five as Dani, performing The Beatles hit "Here Comes the Sun." 041b061a72


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