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Four Spots at Queen's University that are Queer, but We Can't Explain Why

Written by an anonymous contributor:

While trying to envision why I feel safe in certain places more than others on campus, I realized it was because I believe for some reason some places are Queer, but in a way that I cannot describe. It’s just a feeling. Controversial or not, yes my gay-dar went off at Lazy… whatever – Sue me! In no order, these are 4 places on campus that I inherently believe are Queer.

Lazy scholar:

Lazy gives off the vibe of a malnourished speak easy. With the chaos of Vic Hall above it, Lazy’s appeal offers an escape from the outside world. It’s dark, at times confusing, and always better after drinking (like a bad hookup). It’s iconic curly fries (rip), milkshakes, and essential burrito bar, she does everything for everyone. Lazy just reads to me very much like a messy boygenius album. With the circular booths and dimly lit quarters, it does give remnants of The Godfather. At its core reflects an essence of untailored grime, yet still Lazy is a beacon of greatness for first-years and sixth-years alike.

Harry Potter Room at Douglas Library:

Let me be clear, I truly believe Douglas is infinitely more Queer than Stauffer. Stauffer is busy, inconvenient, and has an uncomfortable aura of green). If Stauffer is the STEM daughter, Douglas is the Art History son. The Harry Potter Room especially at Douglas is inexplicably Queer. It’s hot, stuffy, and aesthetically pleasing. Even if you’re not being productive at least you’re still in a castle. The Harry Potter Room definitely wears loafers and an oversized blazer and has a threatening RBF in an Aritizia trench coat.

Johnson & Division Starbucks:

Are you joking?? The horrific Sunday morning stammering walks, trudging through the agony of the night before towards the one life source that can sustain you? The boujee bathrooms? Staying open late making itself available for the insane (quad shot at 6pm) portion of the Queen’s population. The routinely wonderful workers. Remember when they had those cool post-it notes during exam season last year? I refuse to believe that limestone classic building houses a Starbucks. Something as cool as that, it just can’t be right. It must be Queer, I just can’t point out why…

The little courtyard between Dunning Hall and Mac Corry:

I truly believe the courtyard really embodies the 4 seasons of cuffing season and Queer relationships. The courtyard is dull and dreary —loneliness galore. You see your ex moved on or maybe you just got ghosted by someone you never even wanted. The courtyard is desolate, dreary, a bit unnerving and obsessed with slush and making a mess. It’s not even cute when you cry at this point.

In the spring, she’s beautiful. The most electric first date you’ve ever had. The conversation like little bursts of fire back and forth, and the colour starts seeping in. The ivy is returning, finally. The benches welcome you to stare off and imagine everything that comes next.

By summer, she’s a safe haven. A little slice of heaven. Colours galore. Vibrancy and the excesses of love. You find yourself running home late, feet on the cobblestone, eyes catching the flower’s violet and cherry hues.

In the fall, she is at her most potent. Finishing up that last reading in between classes. Every beginning starts and ends again and again with that one flower and the perfectly crisp falling leaf. She is everything.


What do you guys think? Are these places iconic Queer locations on campus, or are we just crazy? Tell us about your Queer stories on Queen's campus!

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