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Love Bombing

The LGBTQ+ community (especially lesbians) are known for moving very quickly in romantic relationships. A stereotype like this is not inherently bad and could be true for a lot of people; but also may make some people feel very pressured when they find a new romantic interest. This is where love bombing happens. Love bombing is when someone smothers you with love and affection in order to manipulate you into relying on them or getting accustomed to the special treatment they give you, sometimes without ever having true feelings for you. Love bombing in lesbian relationships, I believe, is often a result of the stereotype and pressure to invest yourself emotionally into a relationship very fast. I have experienced this first hand where someone I was interested in moved very quickly and began smothering me with affection, which obviously made me like seeing them but then out of nowhere completely dropped me, as if they gave everyone in their life this much love and affection.

Love bombing is not immediately sexual either, it is emotional; it can be buying someone things, or always saying how much they miss you or want a relationship with you. For me, love bombing sucks and does not feel genuine. I like many others want a love that is genuine, and not one that forced to progress quickly in order to keep up with standards of LGBTQ+ relationships.

I want to hear what you think of this. Have you love bombed someone? Have you been love bombed? Do you feel pressured by these stereotypes? Maybe you disagree with me, is love bombing harmless?

- Bailey Wilson (Co-Founder)

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