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Queerifying Music

Music plays an important role in the formation of identity: both of one's self, and as the individual apart of the greater collective. While music may seem resistant to the burden of heteronormativity due to its transcendence of intersectionality, this is far from the case. The queer community lacks a place in popular music, which is not only harmful to the industry itself, but to its consumers as well.

We live in a world where queer artists are forced to use heteronormative pronouns in their song lyrics, to protect their aesthetic and reputation. As a listener, this harmed the natural process of growing into my identity as a lesbian—yes I’m owning that word! 😎

As a queer kid who loved to listen to and play music, I constantly felt disconnected from the music I loved so dearly. Music is emotive and sentimental because of its relatability and ability to capture a common experience. However, I always found it hard to completely relate.

Ever since I began playing guitar in the fourth grade, I spent a lot of my time writing songs in my childhood bedroom. As I grew up and began the process of coming out to myself, I found myself naturally writing songs referring to a subject with she/her pronouns. It felt odd. It felt wrong.

Why didn't LGBTQ+ voices seem to have a place in pop music? Why does being gay always seem to involve counter-culture? Why weren’t artists writing about same-sex experiences, like I wanted—and quite frankly needed—to hear?!

While writing music helped me navigate my identity, listening to music made me feel abnormal, lonley and unseen. Taylor Swift sang of he, Harry Styles swooned over she, and I did not fit in this standard.

Until…I heard Hayley Kiyoko sing about girls liking girls like boys do. *Huh? Is that allowed*🤯 Then I heard girl in red sing about how pretty girls are, and apparently it hurts her! Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, King Princess, Teagan and Sarah, Lil Nas X and Halsey -- and I'm just scratching the surface!!! These are the artists that transcend popular music: to help form identities through self-recognition and relatability, rather than affirm heteronormativity.

These artists sing loud and proud about their same-sex experiences on the radio, for all demographics to learn from and enjoy. We need queer voices on the radio to dismantle heteronormativity and allow the queer community to identify with music, the way straight people do-- because music is for all, and should celebrate all love. 🏳️‍🌈

Queer voices in popular music help to normalize queer relationships.

Queer songs help the LGBTQ+ community come to terms with their identity.

Queer songs dismantle heteronormativity.

Queer songs commemorate queer love.

- Alexa from All Love, All Ways:)




What's your experience with music and identity? How did music help or weaken your relationship with your sexuality? Which queer songs helped mend the relationship? What are some of your favourite queer songs today? 🎵


Queer Artist, FLETCHER influenced the name of our blog, with her song "All Love"!!!

The first queer song I heard: "Girls likes Girls" by Hayley Kiyoko

Some of my personal favourite queer songs:

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Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson

This is so important! Hearing music about LGBTQ+ relationships normalizes the feelings queer people get when they begin questioning. Hearing songs about women loving women helped me unlearn my internalized homophobia and allows me to this day to remain confident in who I love and not be afraid to share that. My personal favs are Halsey, Fletcher, and Miley Cyrus :)

All Love, All Ways
All Love, All Ways

Yes Bailey! Popular music was a major contributor to my internalized homophobia too! I didn't know Miley Cyrus was a queer artist? Ill have to check out her music, and add a song or two to our All Love, All Ways playlist😋

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