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Sexualizing Bisexuality

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Bisexual woman (just like myself) are known very well for being sexualized. I won't say more or less than anyone else because I think everyone's experiences will tell a different story; but the over sexualization I see all the time with bisexual woman is insane. This isn't a post to bash men because quite honestly it isn't just men who do this. Bisexual woman are approached and put in uncomfortable positions by both other men and women all the time. Bi women are stereotyped to be very sexual people to begin with, thus we MUST want to have sex with everyone we lay eyes on…no. This stereotype is ridiculous to me; I have even been accused of cheating solely on the basis that I am bi. I want to hear other peoples experiences with this. Not only if you are bi but if you have caught someone else stereotyping or sexualizing bi woman or if you have caught yourself doing the same thing. If you know of or have experienced this in a situation, but not as a woman, I want to hear from you too! I don't have an experience that isn't as a woman, and so I don't know too much about that aspect but would really love to learn. I admit that before I came out I definitely believed negative stereotypes around bi woman, but since then I have both experienced this myself and seen it happen to woman I love and care for. Change is good, ignorance is not. Comment and tell me your perspective on this!!

- Bailey Wilson (Co-Founder)

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