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Why does everyone think I'm in love with them?

"Being bisexual must be awesome, you have double the options!" they said.

But what they didn't know is how hard it is to find genuine friendships, when EVERYONE thinks you want to sleep with them. In my experience as a bisexual woman, I have tried time and time again to form friendships with both men and women and at some point or another, the other person always thinks: 1) I want to sleep with them; or 2) I want to date them. Most people (in our heteronormative society) will experience this frustration when trying to befriend someone of the opposite gender, or if someone is gay/lesbian, they will experience this with the same gender. But why is no one pointing out how frustrating this is when every new friendship has a dark cloud over it caused by people's perception of who I'm romantically interested in?! A previous blog of mine talks about the sexualization of bisexuality, and this is just another result of that. I often see bisexuals getting accused of being overly sexual for simply being bisexual, then trying to make genuine friendships with this assumption, it's damn hard I can tell you that. So this is basically a PSA, even if this post doesn't relate to you, just remember that some people just want to be your friend and just because they are bi or their sexuality aligns with your gender, that doesn't mean they want to sleep with you.

By Bailey Wilson

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