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Our Mission

All Love, All Ways is a blog-based project started by two Queen’s University students, Alexa Johnstone and Bailey Wilson, who met and became friends by bonding over their shared experience as queer women. Alexa and Bailey were quick to realize how powerful it is to share your personal story, uncover queer narratives, and open the conversation between LGBTQ+ people and allies. 

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 “Growing up is hard, but it’s especially hard for queer kids. One of the most helpful resources I found while coming to terms with my sexuality was online platforms that featured coming out stories and queer advice. 
Living in a world with limited representation of LGBTQ+ people, along with education on queerness being taboo in school curriculums, queer kids are often left alone to search for a place where they belong. This is why I wanted to start All Love, All Ways—to not only create a platform for queer people to tell their stories, but also to create a safe-space to teach, learn, and interact with other LGBTQ+ people and allies” 

                                                                         -- Alexa Johnstone



Alexa Johnstone

Hi I'm Alexa (she/her)! I am a fourth-year history student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am a queer woman who has always had a passion for the art of writing! I got the inspiration for All Love, All Ways by reading my childhood journals. My journals are not just a history of my life, but an archive of my experience as a queer woman. I hope to watch All Love, All Ways transcend into an international community journal for LGBTQ+ folks--of all ethnicities, ages, abilities, and identities. 

Fun Fact: I've been playing guitar since the fourth grade!


Bailey Wilson 

“Hi I'm Bailey! I'm a fourth year history major and philosophy minor student at Queen's University"


"As a co-founder for All Love, All Ways I feel very passionately about giving LGBTQ+ people a safe place to learn and discuss with each other about the different experiences and perspectives one another has. As someone who spent the better half of 4 years struggling with how to identify myself and what it meant to be bisexual, I know how meaningful a safe place like this one can be for someone. 

All Love, All Ways is a safe place for everyone. Whether you are confident in your identity or still trying to figure it out or at any stage in between, this is a place where you can freely (and respectively) share your experiences and perspectives and have meaningful discussion with other LGBTQ+ members or allies."


Content & Marketing Coordinator 

    Hi! My name is Emma Mastre (she/her). I am a 4th year English Literature student at Queen’s. I joined All Love All Ways because I really loved Alexa and Bailey’s message and vision. After reading numerous books during my undergraduate studies, the power of Queer stories always stood out to me. This platform creates such an important space for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to come together and share their experiences, stories, and who they are. I am a writer, bookworm, interviewer, back-seat driver, digital designer, dog-lover, Barb, and also unfortunately American. I invite you (as I once did) to come curious and open-minded to All Love in All Ways!

Emma Mastre

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Behind Our Name

We wanted our platform to not only be inclusive to all members of the LGBTQ + community, but to allies as well. After all, this is not a queer site for queers. This is a site for everyone  to learn, teach and interact with each other. Here, all love is tolerated, any and all ways-- because love wins, always. 

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