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Another problem I have is the LPC pads are already filled with solder and I don't think I'm skilled enough to remove it without burning the pads. I'm not sure why they're filled with solder. The Xbox appeared untouched. I broke the patent and serial number labels, although the serial number label has another serial number label stuck underneath it. Perhaps the Xbox was serviced by Microsoft at some point.

Replace "sdX" with the letter corresponding to your drive number from step 3.0 = a1 = b2 = cand so on. Example: if your drive appears as "PHYSICALDRIVE2", then your drive path would be "/dev/sdc".If your drive is locked, it will appear as "ATA Security is ENABLED, PW level HIGH **LOCKED**". If it is unlocked or frozen, this command will tell you that as well.

The patched smartctl.exe application that comes with XboxHDM23USB computes the password by reading and decrypting the HDDKey value stored in the EEPROM backup file and reads from the hard drive its model and serial number.

The reason there is a 2 TB limit in the first place is because the Xbox 360 kernel only issues 10-byte SCSI operations. 4 of those bytes refer to the logical block/sector number. Therefore, the maximum amount of data on the USB the Xbox 360 can access is 2 TB. To get that figure, you simply multiply the maximum integer value that can fit into 4 bytes (4294967295) and multiply it by 512 (the standard sector size).

Argh!!! Figured out the reason why it wasn't being read on partybuffalo or Fatxplorer.... The drive was formatted via xbox external USB port so therefore, hard drive serial number was not on it. Only way to format a blank drive and to have it function properly is to format it via xbox internal connection NOT via xbox external usb - it'll still format it but it won't show up when you hook it up to operate as the main internal drive. When formatting internally it'll ask you to enter the consoles serial number (what a pain in the ass) I wasted so much damn f#$^ing time! oh well, live and learn! 350c69d7ab


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