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A Short Discography of the Queer Experience

Written by Alexa Johnstone (Co-Founder)

I compiled a list of five songs which I believe perfectly embody the Queer experience. From closeted affairs, straight-man envy, falling in love with a girl for the first time, the forbiddenness of Queer relationships, and the struggle of "comphet" (compulsory heterosexuality), these are experiences almost every Queer person endures at some point in their life.

To listen to and add each song to your Spotify,

(1.) Go on onto the app

(2.) Click Search

(3.) Press the camera icon on the top left hand corner

(4.) Capture a photo of the QR code

(5.) The song will automatically load and start playing!


Did you guys take a listen? Which pick was your favourite? Did you relate? Do you have different interpretations of the songs? Let us know in the comments! Or, contribute a list of your own!

What's was your Fav Song?

  • Sex! Duh-- to honour the death of Tumblr :/

  • Triptych-- cause Unicorns are fun

  • Your Best American Girl--i get it, Mitski fans are diehard

  • The Louvre-- in the Lorde we always trust.

All love,

Alexa <3

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